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about us
Advanced Management was established by Hiroshi Kato in 1994 baced on his vast exprerience and knowledge after working 17 years for Fuji Keizai a market reseach company. Advanced Management is a research and cousulting firm specialized in multimedia.

Advanced Management was launched by a team of five multimedia experts from Fuji Keizai, all of whom enjoy a distinguished reputation among their clients.

Curreent emproyees of Advancend Management are twelve.

Advanced Management was founded with the following objectives :
-To publish Media Fusion Report, a research journal specialized in multimedia.
-To offer multi-client research services.
-To provide research and/or consulting services under contract from companies and institutes.
-To organize and host workshops and seminars.

スペース Personal profile of Hiroshi Kato :
  • 1948 : Born in Tokyo
  • Majored in philosophy at Waseda University and participated in student movements.
  • 1976 : Joined Fuji Keizai, one of the leading market research companies in Japan. Closely involved in research, planning and analysis for product development in the Project Promotion Division.
  • 1982 : Leader of biotechnology project team. Actively involved in sales, planning and research for biotechnology related initiatives.
  • 1989 : One-year sabbatical to study at Columbia University, New York.
  • 1990 : After returning form the USA, organized a special project team for media-related issues, the first ever such attempt in the Japanese market research and consulting industry. Developed many highly successful plans for clients.
  • 1994 : Resigned from Fuji Keizai to found Advanced Management Co.,Ltd.
  • Respected key figure in multimedia market research and consulting in Japan.
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